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Uverse and a Belkin WIFI router don't speak


Uverse and a Belkin WIFI router don't speak

I had a simple AT&T DSL connection that was hard wried into my Belkin N+ WIFI router (F5D8235-4) providing WIFI for all my printers/xbox/laptop comnnections.  I had to switch to Uverse so I swapped the DSL modem for the VDSL (NVG510) "modem" with the WIFI not turned on.


The WIFI side works fine and the WIFI computers can access all the WIFI devices and the internet.  Thus I deduce that the Belkin router is working and the cable to the modem is good. 


The problem: My desktop is hardwired from the modem to the Belkin WIFI.  It gets to the internet but does not see the Belkin or the WIFI options.  Thus I deduce the cable(s) and modem are OK but there is an issue with the modem to logical (i.e. IP related) Belkin connection.


AT&T sent a replacement modem which did nothing to fix the problem.


Next, I tried the original Belkin CD and tried to run the install program.  Any option selected crashed the internet connection instantly, regardless of brower (IE, Chrome, Firefox).  Also I can't conect to Belkin's IP, it tries until it times out (regardless of browser). 


Belkin does have much customer service and AT&T can't figure it out.  Any suggestions?  Thanks Grady


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Re: Uverse and a Belkin WIFI router don't speak

Hello Grady!

The problem here is that you are operating two different networks, likely within different subnets. You have two options here. You can use your router as an Access Point and let your RG take care of DHCP and routing or you can connect your hardwired connection directly to your Router, rather than your RG.
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Re: Uverse and a Belkin WIFI router don't speak

Indeed, a Guru!  Repatched the desktop directly to the router (bypassing the VDSL modem), rebooted/power-cycled everything and it is working perfectly.  Many thanks!   Wonder why AT&T can't figure out such a simple solution! 


BTW- Is there any reason to pick one solution over the other?  Grady

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Re: Uverse and a Belkin WIFI router don't speak

It seems to come down to your expectations of your wireless network. If you were to want to expand the reach of your wireless network, you could enable your RG's wireless function, use your router as an access point and your devices would hop from the RG to the access point and vice versa as you leave the original coverage of each wireless network. (For example, consider a two story house. For whatever reason the signal from the RG downstairs isn't strong enough to adequately reach the devices up-stairs. If you have two networks as you're coming down the stairs with, say, a tablet, you'll lose connectivity as your tablet drops the signal from one network to join another. If you have your router set up as an AP with similar settings to the RG, then your tablet will more easily transition from one router to the next without dropping the signal.) You will have to sacrifice any of your router's advanced features, such as guest networks, etc. in this set-up.

The following doesn't apply to your scenario because you are using the NVG510 which is an ADSL2+ Residential Gateway, and you don't qualify for U-TV. However for U-Verse TV customers if they want to use their own router and continue to use Online Live TV streaming with the U-Verse Apps and, use Interactive Apps (such as Media Share), or the Virtual Remotes, must use the AP mode of they lose the ability to successfully contact the U-TV equipment.
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Re: Uverse and a Belkin WIFI router don't speak

I think I got that.  Thanks again.  Grady

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Re: Uverse and a Belkin WIFI router don't speak

Sure thing! Smiley Happy

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