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Uverse Wireless Issues / 2Wire 3801HGV Residential Gateway


Uverse Wireless Issues / 2Wire 3801HGV Residential Gateway

I've been a uverse customer fro about 4 years and very happy....until now. Two weeks ago, my original residential gateway began to have issues with dropping the tv signal. ATT sent out a new residential gateway - a 2Wire 3801HGV. the new unit works great for TV and ethernet connected devices. Major issues with dropped wireless since this was installed. I'e done research all over the internet and LOTs of other people seem to have been experiencing these same issues, with no real long term solution. Here's what I know, from the past week's experience. If anyone has a good solution, I'd love to hear it. Thanks!



  • 2Wire router drops wireless connectivity intermittently


What We Know

  • When wireless connectivity is dropped, the wireless network itself disappears
  • One of the things which will trigger a loss of the network and connectivity is attempting to connect or add an additional wireless device
  • The issue appears to have something to do with wireless channel assignment – when wireless connectivity is lost and the network disappears, if you look on the router’s settings page, under wireless, at times the following has occurred:
    • The channel setting changes from AUTO to Manual
    • The channel may change to 0
  • Wireless connectivity and the wireless network can be at least temporarily returned to functionality by accessing the Uverse 2Wire Router’s settings page, log in, check to ensure the channel settings are indeed in AUTO and the channel assignment is NOT 0, then rescan and save.
    • Even if the ‘correct’ settings are appearing on the router’s settings page, what you’re seeing may not be valid.
    • To regain connectivity and re-establish the wireless network, you HAVE to select the channel setting and set it as AUTO and rescan the channel assignments, then SAVE.
  • At this time, it appears the wireless network may remain somewhat stable until an additional new device attempts to connect, at which point the network and connectivity will disappear
  •  Pulling the plug on the router may temporarily resolve the problem, but it will re-occur



  • It appears that the 2Wire residential gateway settings related to wireless channel assignments are changing at times, even though those changes may not be reflected on the settings page.


ATT Support

  • Been on the phone with the tech support you pay for twice – no joy
  • Had one tech out to the house – he replaced the residential gateway, problem continues to exist
  • A 2nd tech is scheduled to come out at the end of this week


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Re: Uverse Wireless Issues / 2Wire 3801HGV Residential Gateway

Tried your suggestions, still no joy. Assigned a channel number and reduced the power to 300, then restarted the improvement. As above, manually assigned channels get a sedlf assigned IP address that is unconnectible to wireless devices (you can scan and see the wireless networl, but can't connect). I think I hate this new router series.
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Re: Uverse Wireless Issues / 2Wire 3801HGV Residential Gateway

Well I'm all out of ideas.Smiley Mad  Sorry.  I guess it's in the techs hands when they show up.

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Re: Uverse Wireless Issues / 2Wire 3801HGV Residential Gateway

Thanks again for all of your help and suggestions. I was sure hopeful one of them would work. I guess I just was very unlucky and got a 2nd bad RG in the space of 3 days. The tech is coming out, again, on Friday. I'm guessing I'll get a new RG and hopefully that will resolve this. Just in case, I've ordered a Netgear wireless router to use, and will demand ATT reduce my monthly internet bill since they can't supply wireless service reliably. Whatever the resolution, I'll post it here when it happens. Thanks again!

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Re: Uverse Wireless Issues / 2Wire 3801HGV Residential Gateway


An update.....I ended up turning the wireless functionality off on the 2Wire RG and began using a Netgear Wireless router in its place for wireless only. Everything connected and happy. No problems.

Still being annoyed and bothered by the problem with the 2 Wire RG, I tried an experiment-
* Left all my wireless devices connected to my new Netgear wireless router
* turned on the wirelss functionality on the 2 Wire RG, set it AUTO for channel selection (it promptly showed channel 0 . I hit the rescan button and it landed on wireless channel 2)
* I then tried connecting a single wireless device, and it worked - no issues
* I let the system run for 2 days and it remained stable
* I then tried connecting additional wireless devices (2 more, for a total of 3) and it failed, displaying all of the behaviors described in my earlier posts.
* I restarted the RG, then tried connecting to a single wireless device, no issues, and it remained stable.

So, from my little experiment, apparently the RG can't handle connecting to multiple wireless devices, it may have issues issuing multiple ip addresses. I hope this is of some help to others that have had similar experiences with this 2Wire RG.

thanks gain for all of your help and advice BeeBee!

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Re: Uverse Wireless Issues / 2Wire 3801HGV Residential Gateway

I signed up for the forums to reply to this post and say thank you! I had AT&T Digital Life installed on Monday and the Digital Life tech installed the new 3801 RG because it works better with the Digital Life. I thought this would be a great thing and improve my service. Well, after the install of Digital Life and the new RG, my internet (both ethernet and wi-fi) took a major hit. At some points my Wi-Fi wouldn't even connect. I called tech support and even had 2 different techs come out to figure out the problem. Anyway, they couldn't, but I found your post about changing the channel and the power level. So, I did just that. Switched the channel to 6 based on inSSIDer and lowered the power down to 300. My internet has never been faster on all of my devices. So, BeeBeeSA, I say thank you for knowing what could be done to help. You saved me from telling AT&T to take their services and ... you know. Honestly, I love Uverse and was an early adopter from when it first came to my area. So, I really did not want to get rid of it.
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