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Uverse Tech Run Around, Please Help


Uverse Tech Run Around, Please Help


I own a small busienss in Southern California.  We've been with AT&T since day 1, and just celebrated our 12th anniversary.  I want to stay with AT&T.

Last Novemeber we started having tons of DSL problems.  Connection would slow to a crawl (20 k download on a 5 meg connection) or cut out entirely. Static on the phone lines, etc.  From Nov til the end of Jan, we had tons of tech out, and they were unable to fix the issue.

  Someone on the phone who claimed to be from retention gave me a snow job about how switching to uverse would get me on an all fiber network, same connection speed (or slightly better) and they'd keep me at the same price, what a bargain.... Unfortuantely untrue, they do not have fiber run in this area, and don't know when it might happen. Same bad lines, same issues.

  Took them a week of trying to get our uverse working, but they finally swaped out a tray in one of their boxes, and all was good for 5 months.  End of June, we start having issues again.  Took them a week to sort out, and we've been good til today.  Now we're having issues again, and I'm getting the same run around as before.

  • Let us switch you back to DSL I was told today. (I don't care if I have DSL or Uverse, but you could not provide me with DSL and thus switched me at YOUR behest, not mine, to Uverse 8+ months ago.)  
  • You are about 900 feet too far for 6meg service , let us switch you down to 3.  (I've been at 5Meg DSL for 6 years now, was promised the same level of service out of Uverse, and I have built up a business around being THE place you can go and work and have WiFi and register your new software in class, etc.  I really cannot have 20 people on my WiFi at 3megs! And if it "can't be done" how have we beend doing it since January?)  
  • What about paying for  T1 or Time Warner?  (Well, I want to stay with AT&T, but I'm a small business, and paying triple or more for what you have promised to provide me, is not really an option for me.)
  •  Well, we simply cannot provide you with the service you want. (But you have for the past 9 months on Uverse, and before that for 5+ years on DSL... I'm not asking for improved service, I'm asking for the same service!)
  • Blank stares, and I'll talk to my supervisor in the morning, but I don't think we can help you.

I'm open to any and all suggestions.  I'm truly not asking for the moon, I just want the same reliable service I had until just about a year ago.  DSL or Uverse, I don't care which... But if 3 months of techs couldn't get DSL working last year, I see no hope of them getting it working this year.   And it seems as if AT&T CAN find the problems in the line, they just don't want to spend the man power, or replace the crappy lines in this area (all issues have been outside the building.)  

I'm at my wit's end here.  Was told you are the person to talk to.  What can we do to resolve this?  All I want is the same service I've had for 6, nearly 7 years now.  Or for the past 9 months if you look at it from Uverse vs DSL

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Re: Uverse Tech Run Around, Please Help

If you truly want this corrected, and AT&T do not help, which is the case in these situations...

You must leave AT&T for a different service. It doesn't matter how good or bad the service is, unless you decide you no longer want to use AT&T.

After you have been with a different service for a few months or a year contact AT&T, you are ready to come back, and work in what if scenarios.

What if the service doesn't work, what are AT&T going to do about it?

For a new customer, they will pour resources into your issues much faster. I saw things which had been dragging on for years immediately addressed with my company.

All because they have a priority system which does not address the existing user, but does address getting users back to AT&T after they leave.

Most of us will stay as long as possible, like a bad marraige.

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Re: Uverse Tech Run Around, Please Help

That's bad business practice by AT&T. They really want you to switch back and forth, but they won't hire enough skilled techs, or pay enough to retain them, to manage all the people that switch.
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Re: Uverse Tech Run Around, Please Help


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