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Uverse NVG580 DNS Management


Uverse NVG580 DNS Management

Hello Everyone,


Over the years it looks like this is a common question or close to it.  Up until last week I was using a 2 wire DSL device and OpenDNS. But it device died so I made the switch to uverse.  My issue relates to setting up the DNS to filter the internet I do not have TV but I do have phone but it still uses the copper lines as far as I can tell (still plugged into the wall jacks).


With alll that said.  Is there a way to change the default DNS setting on the NVG580 device to use the OpenDNS server or is there a way to change my filtering on the default att DNS server?  To illustarte using OpenDNS I login and block the catagory porn, webmail, social media ect.. but I allow our yahoo mail and linkedin as exceptions to the generic groups.  Is this an option on the default att DNS server?   

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Re: Uverse NVG580 DNS Management

There is no way to change the DNS servers on any of the U-Verse gateways.

You can either:

1. Configure DNS settings manually on each computer to point to the OpenDNS servers.
2. Use your own router behind the U-Verse Gateway in a router-behind-router configuration, and change DNS on that.
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Re: Uverse NVG580 DNS Management

That is very disappointing. 


While I can configure the house laptop easily.  We also have two IPads devices that I have no idea how to setup.  Furthermore, I want to make sure that as my daughter's friends as they bring their devices in and out of my house I don't have to manually install or modify their devices while ensuring that if the use my web connection they are forced into my filter settings.


How does the the router behind the router method work? Which device plugs into which?  Also if I have to go this route I need additional hardware is there a list of devices that are know to work better than others with a Uverse device?

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Re: Uverse NVG580 DNS Management

See the following post for putting the NVG589 into "IP Passthrough" mode with a 3rd-party router:



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Re: Uverse NVG580 DNS Management

All this trouble simply because att does not have web content filtering ablity or allow me to change the DSN setting so I can use a third party DSN server. 


Very Disappointing.  Come on att wake up!


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ACE - Expert

Re: Uverse NVG580 DNS Management

You may want AT&T to provide this functionality, but not everyone does.  Many are unhappy with the restrictions that ARE in the AT&T RG.


Personally, I'm happy to have to deal with the issue of parental control of Internet access in my own way and not be dependant on what AT&T might have thought was the best.


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