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Uverse Is always out of service


Uverse Is always out of service

I would love to talk with a real engineer in my area. Someone that can tell me why my tv and internet are always going out.

I call tech support. They can't help. They send out an inside tech. He can't help. He then sends out an outside tech. Then the problem is resolved.

I have had at least 20 service calls to my home. This interrupts my work and life schedule. Completely unacceptable.

Why are there no competent people with uverse? Why can't a grown up fix the problem. If I was their manager I would fire the entire department. Good thing my annual contract is up. Time to look for another reliable source for entertainment.

Thanks so much for interrupting my service during finals. People now depend on reliable internet to conduct business. I don't want to hear about how sorry you are or how you're going to make this right. You can't seem to do anything right.
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Re: Uverse Is always out of service

Since this is a technical issue that remains unresolved after reasonable attempts to go through TS, I recommend that you contact AT&T U-verse Care via Private Message.  This is a group of technical experts who can escalate the solution of your problem when TS is unsuccessful.  Include your contact information and the pertinent details of your problem, and then watch the little blue envelope at the upper right of your screen--they will usually reply within 1-2 business days.

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Re: Uverse Is always out of service

An inside tech came by today and wasn't able to resolve the problem (not shocking). He then created a ticket for an outside tech to come by. No one came by.

I called AT&T to check the status, and no one will be available until Monday. 5 days without service. Completely unacceptable. Nobody at AT&T seems to care. I'll send a PM, but I doubt anything will get resolved.

Now I have to go to a friend's house to work on schoolwork and conduct business on Monday. Completely unacceptable.
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Re: Uverse Is always out of service

Hello Cbthomas28,


We have received your private message and look forward to finding the source of trouble and make arrangements to fix your service. We will continue working with you via private message.




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