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Uverse Internet not working


Uverse Internet not working

Uverse internet is not working. Have tried resetting-still not working. Then tried to call support and do a live chat-they are not accepting calls or chats right now. Are other people having the same issues?


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Re: Uverse Internet not working

No need to reset your box, If you are gettin local channels. This appears to be serious problem at the head end of Uverse. Some channels have come back on, but only a few. NOTE TO need to post a heads-up for your customers as no one can get through to you about it. To customers, all you can       do is wait, no need to call if you are gettin local channels, they are working on it. Would like to know what happened since I worked there for many years. Only takes pulling one wrong plug or powering off one piece of equipment to cause a massive outage like this.  Thank goodness I never got that famous at the Company!

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