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Uverse App for Live TV


Uverse App for Live TV

Anyone know why the channels on the Itunes app and Play store app (Apple vs Android app) allow live tv of different channels? I watch thursday night football on my ipad only cuase i cant watch it on my android cause the channel isnt available but it is on the apple. I am sure there are other channels that are possibly vice versa but there must be a reason. 

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Re: Uverse App for Live TV

mikekane - I think the reason is the negotiations for the rights are very fragmented even though the customer expectation is completeness & consistency.


Your experience is that ipad rights are different than android rights.

I have had both u-verse for ipad and u-verse for iphone on my ipad because I prefer the iphone version & I find the rules were different for these two. I believe iphone used to allow downloads, but the ipad did not. It only allowed streaming.

I believe, they both currently allow streaming. But, if I try to view live on the iphone app it blocks it, saying it is on an ipad, not an iphone. This is contrary to advertised rights. If I use the ipad app. It works.

Also, I believe that the number of channels available keep going up and down. Meaning the rights are by show, maybe even episode. It is another case where the advertising presents the best possible scenario & the reality is some, unknown, subset.

at&t has a lot of work to do to bring all the "portable device support" and TV on-demand support into a complete and consistent package. They have to start somewhere. But, we are a long way from being confident that we can call up any generally available show & watch it.

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