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Use own router with i3812

Use own router with i3812

I was looking around and found I could use my own router with my Uverse internet.  I have a  i3812 outside of the house, and ran a cable from that unit to my router.  Changed the settings on the router and it all worked great.  But....


The Uverse TV will not stay going for more then 5 sec.  It will change to a channel and then just go out telling me that I have no connection.  


Internet all works fine.  Any ideas?



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Re: Use own router with i3812

You cannot connect the U-Verse TV boxes to your router. They must remain connected to either the coax connections to the i3812V, or connected to the Ethernet ports of the i38HG directly.
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Re: Use own router with i3812

I am sorry, I do not understand your responce fully.


As it is now (working) - there is a cable that the tech ran from the outside box (i3812) to the ATT router (to the wan port).  That router then runs to 2 seperate routers via ethernet.  One upstairs and one downstairs. As the ATT router only has 4 ports, and I need many more. 


Are you saying that the router that ATT provides me must stay connected in the loop in order for the TV to work?


If so, can I use both the Ethrenet port on the unit outside (run that to my own router for internet) and then leave the the wire the tech ran to the ATT router for just the TV?


Also, you said the coax cable.  I do see that on the box outside.  Can I use that to my TV directly and then use the ethernet ports for the internet?



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