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Re: Updates and Info on New Install on 2/18/2014


Updates and Info on New Install on 2/18/2014

***I'm reposting this as a new Topic in order to consolidate all Questions and Answers to come."


Update:  The system is being installed as we speak.  I'll update later today regarding any questions already posed such as the keypad chirp volume and any other questions that may come up.  Wish me luck.


*************Original Post

I ordered mine online last week and posed the question and they said it was/being looked at.  They were a little cagey.  So we shall see, I should know tomorrow?  I'll update on that.  I also understand that there is a new screen keypad coming sometime after March and will probably have a charge to swap out with what is being installed now.  Unfortunately, I could not wait as it's a new house and won't be living in it for the next 3 or so months.  Hoping the charge to swap will be minimal.  Bummer.

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Re: Updates and Info on New Install on 2/18/2014

OK, here is the initial update on the install.


Tech arrived on time and promptly explaned the process, got to work and then held a little training session for me on the system and the apps on my devices.


Regarding the chirp volume on the keypad he mentioned that the volume remains the same and there is no volume control.  There are no changes imminent although, as previously stated, I've heard there is a new keypad (screen) coming sometime in the future.  No confirmation on that though.  I think they have been unable to "fix" the volume issue and are just depending on any future keypad.


Now for the big problem:


I had ordered 4 cameras.  1 package with one multiview indoor and one outside camera.  $99 promo

                                          1 pcakge with 2 outdoor cameras.  $199 regular price.


The cameras were not in my initial delivery of equipment as I had added these after the initial order was placed.  However, the online order take advised that the order was updated and the tech would have cameras in his truck for the install.


The tech did not show any of these camera installs on his order so there was not enough time allocated to him to install cameras.  I guess the order taker did not talk to the scheduler to add more time to the install.


So I said fine, I'll call and schdule an install.


I called and spoke with customer service who were friendly, however, he said that the 2 camera package only include a choice 2 of 3 offering:   1 indoor camera, 1 outdoor camera, and 1 multiview indoor camera.  Since I have no need for any indoor cameras, I had elected 2 outdoor cameras when the order was placed.


However, now custoemer service says that I cannot order 2 of the same cameras....my 2 cameras can only be 1 of each of the 3 types offered.  OK, so I said I'll take 1 outdoor and one indoor-multiview eventhough I have no need for an indoor camera.  And he also said they were not $99 promo price but $199.  Disappointed but said OK.  Now I asked him how much for 2 additional outdoor cameras.  He quoted me any additional outdoor cameras are $199 each which would make my 2 additional cameras almost $400.  I said, wait a minute, my first 2 cameras are $199 and then each additional camera is another $199????  Makes no sense.


So I asked him to push my camera issue to a supervisor/manage and want a call back to discuss.  Truly disappointed, but still hopeful we can resolve.  I really don't really want to use my 30 Day Guarantee.


So what it boils down to is the camera issue:  I went from thinking I was getting  3 outdoor and 1 multiview indoor for $300 (which I have not need for) to a total price of $600.


I'll update after supervisor/manager discussion.



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Re: Updates and Info on New Install on 2/18/2014

Thanks for the update! My install is next week. I made sure everything was sent. Hopefully the labor goes well. As far as the chirp I guess we will just have to wait on the new keypad.
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Re: Updates and Info on New Install on 2/18/2014

So I've ended up with a 2 camera install for next week.   Never did receive a a call from them and for the dollar amount I just scaled back to 2.  mentally could not justify 2 more cameras for 200 bucks each.  I'll wait till later as I have a big reno going on in the house.  Reno should finish in about 8 weeks will also look at the energy package at that time.


The system has been working flawlessly as I've used the arm and disarm remotely as well as the front door lock.  I've managed to control these from my current house to let Reno workers in and out in the morning and do it again once they leave in the evening.


good luck with ur install, should be fine.  So what's in your package?

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Re: Updates and Info on New Install on 2/18/2014

Here is an update.


The 2 camera install will now take place in about 4 weeks as I have the renovation going thru then.  Plaster dust would not be good.


Also, when I called to change the appointment I told them that my garage door had not been installed with a sensor, odd since I bought the door lock package.  She apologized and scheduled the install when the cameras go in.....waived the install fee of the cameras.  Also provided a 2 month credit to my account as the whole system is missing a few pieces as ordered.


One piece of advise.........be sure to select everything you want at the very begining and double check that the technician has been allocated enough time to do the whole install.  This avoids confusion and possible added expense if it is not waived.

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