Upcoming installation...few questions


Upcoming installation...few questions

I was sitting on my stoop over the weekend and was offered U-verse by a training person as it was apparently just activated in my area (San Francisco) a month ago.  Here's what I signed up for:


  • 45Mbps Internet
  • U-verse TV (U300 + HD)...I discovered later that I'd be OK with U200, but online chat says they were unable to change it...
  • TVBe ($17/month)
  • 4 DVRs

Sales rep said it would be $147/month for 6 months ("free HD"), followed by $157/month after that.  She said the deal is good for 24 months.  She said that I would not be paying any equipment leasing fees or any of the weird fees that Comcast charges me (i.e. franchise, etc).  Only state tax and a $49 activation fee.


My installation is coming in a couple of weeks and I'm wondering if I'm in for a surprise once the bill comes. Do you guys think this is a good deal?  I just did a quick build on the U-verse site with this exact setup and it comes out to $137/month for a year with no activation fee...hmm...


Any respones greatly appeciated.

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Re: Upcoming installation...few questions

List prices u300 $92, power (45) internet $81,
5 tvs dvr included need 4 receivers $8 each, HD $10 TVBe $17
SUBTOTAL b4 discounts.... $232 - discount (74) net $158

Below line fees include...add at least $9.99
HSIA (RG lease) s7, local broadcast fee $2.99 plus any local franchise fee if applies

Promotional pricing applies to service rates only and excludes taxes, equipment fees, and other charges, including a $49 service activation fee, city video cost recovery fees, where applicable, and a Broadcast TV surcharge. Residential customers only.

Expect $168-$175 (if FF) plus taxes...
First bill is prorated, plus the next month...depending on where in billing cycle with added $49 activation fee your first bill likely $250-$400.

This total reflects available discounts. Because AT&T bills one month in advance, your first bill will include charges for one full month of service, plus a partial month from the date of installation to the start of your monthly billing period
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Re: Upcoming installation...few questions

Thanks for your response. Any thoughts on the $49 acvitation fee? Is there any way to get that waived? Why would I be charged that in person, yet not online?
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Re: Upcoming installation...few questions

There has always, since I have been with Uverse (fall 2011) the $49 activation fee.
Personally, I believed a way to recover some of cost of items used in installation such as HDMI cables, component cables, surge strips, jacks, wallplates, etc.
But could be used to offset administration labor costs such as reps either phone, chat, D2D or retail.

As ordering online is elimating or reducing time spent with human interaction (savings) the fee is waived, OR may be used as a mental trigger to close a deal for "just looking" shoppers.

As noted this fee is waived "only" for online orders.
Most new customer promotions are the same but now and then one method may offer something others do not such as $25 rewards when signing up by D2D rep (outside contractor, there own special).
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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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