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Unnecessary Upgrade Fees......


Unnecessary Upgrade Fees......

Recently, I upgraded my both lines after 3 years. I seen upgrade fees reflected in my bill on both lines so contacted ATT customer service to waive the upgrade fees. I have the same problem in past when att waived the upgrade or activation fees but this time they took care of upgrade fees only for one line not on both. As per the conservation with att  customer care, I feel like they don't care about long time customer if they want to switch to other carriers due to unnecessary charges on their account. First time I have very bad customer care service experience and make me to think switch to other carriers sooner or once contract done.Smiley Sad

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Re: Unnecessary Upgrade Fees......

Every company has upgrade fees.


Too many people have abused the upgrade waiving system to the point that the fact they did it for one line is already more than they do for a lot of people.


Phone companies are in the business to make money, not pamper their long-time customers. If they pampered and gave favors to every long time customer then we'd end up with systems like archaic pension and retirement funds that bankrupt many societies.

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Re: Unnecessary Upgrade Fees......

Hey kalpesh15,


I'm really quite sorry if there was any rude or unproffessional behavior.

Please don't take our normal terms of contract as any kind of slight. We certainly do want to keep you as a customer, but the standard upgrade fees are quite normal.


If we've waived them before as a One TIme Courtesy, please treat it as such. It's because of large numbers of abusive customers that waivers have generally been stopped.


I'm sorry if paying for the fee that you sign your agreement to, as well as the contract is offensive to you.

Fortunately, we've introduced a new option for customers who feel so strongly about this issue.

We have been listening to people's unhappiness with 2 year contract upgrades, large amount of upfront costs between the cost of the phones and the upgrade fees, and general cash flow concerns.


With our new options, cust no longer need to feel unhappy with the chocies to either pay upfront (time of sale + bill) or over time, with 1 or 2 year upgrade periods, ect. . . .



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