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Unable to connect to specific website

Unable to connect to specific website

Recently I started a website while I was away from home using a different ISP, everything was working fine until I came home and started using my U-verse connection. I cannot connect to the website , though I can using different ISPs and via mobile 4G. There isn't any illegal content, I had the website with some basic templates to test running fine, but I deleted the content on the server to see if it had anything to do with it. Do any of you guys have issues connecting? I can't get a ping out of it on my home network and I'm trying to get this resolved.

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Re: Unable to connect to specific website

Website is unavailable

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Re: Unable to connect to specific website

After a bit of digging around, I found out that att has problems with, my host. Even though the issue that att had with them has been fixed, att is still blocking all of their IPs, why is this?

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Re: Unable to connect to specific website



Looking at this issue, I see that AT&T is working with your webhost,


To help you resolve this issue, follow these steps:


1) Perform a traceroute of the website

2) Post the log onto here



In the meantime, you can try to use Google DNS or OpenDNS to view your website

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Re: Unable to connect to specific website

No I am 100% sure that AT&T is blocking the subnet of 000webhost due to issues with their users. The issue has been resolved for some time now on 000webhost's end, here's a direct quote from them:


We have fixed all issues regarding our side, but we are still waiting for AT&T to resolve their block issue. There is nothing we can do more about this situation.

I cannot access ANY site hosted by 000webhost due to an issue that has already been resolved.

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Re: Unable to connect to specific website



I understand how frustrating it is when trying to access a website and being unable to access it. You are correct that AT&T blacklisted some of the subdomains from 000webhost. In the past, many users have abuse the hosting services at 000webhost for malicious purposes.


Your privacy and protection is important so AT&T blacklisted the site to prevent malicious users from harming the network. Recently, some AT&T users are able to access most sites hosted by 000webhost. There is an opportunity that your site can also be accessible too. 




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Re: Unable to connect to specific website

000webhost is a respectable company, I've been using them for years. Their terms specifically ban any type of site that could end up on a blacklist like AT&T's. Both companies have a common interest of keeping these types of websites off the web, and 000webhost often does sweeps for these types of sites in their subnet. The people at 000webhost have been fully cooperative with AT&T in this matter, and its starting to just become negligence on AT&T's part.

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