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U verse xbox live problem


U verse xbox live problem

There might be a forum that is able to help me out there but at this point I have not found it and I am tired of looking.


I got uverse in December of 2012. For a solid month everything went perfect on my computer, xbox 360, phone and so on. Exactly a month after getting Internet I get a message while I was watching netflix on my xbox. The message said something to the effect that my Internet had changed and it might cause movies and games on the xbox to be slow and laggy. I blow this off as the xbox being funny but right after this message popped up the netflix movie started to lag ever min. When I ran the xbox live test it told me my nat was strict. How did this happen? I did not do anything to my Internet. I ended up calling att tech support and after doing 3 different resets my nat was turned back to open. For about 2 months everything went great and then my xbox started to act up even more. 


My problem is that when I turn my xbox on there is a long pause before it finally pulls up the dash top. Every time I turn on my xbox the error code 80072EE2 pops up.

This error code says that 

  • Some Xbox features are not available because of system maintenance or a temporary Xbox LIVE issue.
  • You can't access some Xbox features because of a network configuration issue.

What does this mean? Well it means that i am connected to the Internet but I cant download anything, update anything, use netflix on my xbox or any other streaming app. I can play games online completely fine.


I have called att tech support a few times now and they have been no help. Last time i called they sent a guy out who just walked in replaced my router saw it was still messing up and said it was not something he could not help me out with. I have taken my xbox to other people house and had not problems at all so that mean xbox live, netflix, and my xbox is not to blame. I have had people sujest that I open up the ports for my xbox but i should not have to do this. I pay for att Internet and I should not have to learn how to fix this on my own. I can use any help you guys got. If I end up having to do all the port forwarding to get my xbox to work then I am going to cancel my att service when my term is up for there lack of support and help.

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Re: U verse xbox live problem

Have you searched what that error message means? Do you have the required ports open for Xbox Live? Look up port forwarding for Xbox Live. Sometimes you may have a restricted NAT and that will cause all kinds of issues. Once you open the ports on the router (if they're not already), then this may help you out.


I know I had issues joining matches on Xbox Live and after opening the required ports, never had another issue.


Hope this helps.

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