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U-verse expansion in eastern Atlanta?


U-verse expansion in eastern Atlanta?



Is there any word yet on when eastern Atlanta, GA will become officially expanded for U-verse availability? Searching here in the forum didn't produce any results, and the only thing that my local AT&T store will say is that we're "green" for service, but that they'd contact me when my particular address is ready.


Also, based on previous issues I've had with AT&T DSL, the tech once told me that the DSLAM for U-verse was all of 200 feet away from the node for DSL -- as if to say that it shouldn't be too long until we receive the opportunity for service.


That was about a year ago.


While I know that AT&T will let me know when it's formally available for requesting (I have both email and text ready to receive such notification), I was curious to know the overall general status, if any, for the metro Atlanta area, if anyone knows -- even anecdotally (though, if anecdotally, some sourcing would be nice).





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Re: U-verse expansion in eastern Atlanta?

I've been thinking that AT&T wants to kill DSL for no other reason than they have to allow others to resell the service on those lines.  Once they can remove the loop from the CO to the house, they can start saying "no such pair exists" for DSL resellers.


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Re: U-verse expansion in eastern Atlanta?

JefferMC wrote:

I've been thinking that AT&T wants to kill DSL for no other reason than they have to allow others to resell the service on those lines.  Once they can remove the loop from the CO to the house, they can start saying "no such pair exists" for DSL resellers.


Actually it's so they can get rid of all the ATT DSLAMs in the Central Offices, put all operations in the VRADs and possibly repurpose any Remote Terminals (specifically installed to lengthen the ADSL reach) to ADSL2/2+ IPDSLAM use. 


The resellers all get service out of their DSLAMs in the CO and have to wonder what will happen to them, since they are slow ADSL too in this age of faster speed. Smiley Surprised



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Re: U-verse expansion in eastern Atlanta?

AT&T is obviously trying to establish bandwidth caps liken to the days of paying for minutes/text messges for cell phones and long distance per call for landlines.  Set in their ways...  They see LTE obviously as the answer giving them the ability to reach many customers and update technology as needed without having to wire and keep employees to maintain the wire (a huge expense) while establishing badwidth tiers generating more cash.  In theory that sounds great (doesn't sound great for the thousands of communication worker jobs and our economy though but it does for AT&T's pockets). 


The failed T-Mobile merger is helping them see that this isn't going to work ( AT&T Mulls Upgrading Rural Lines Instead of Selling Them ).  There isn't enough spectrum to serve that many people.  And because they had the wrong vision cable companies continue to eat their lunch in non U-Verse markets.  If you let it go on for too long they will become entereched. 


They think because they were able to succesfully switch mobile users to caps is why.  People are willing to have bandwith caps on their mobile devices because the average consumer probably uses only 200MB to 1GB per month (peanuts).  But I am sure the average home customer uses well over 30-50GB per month.  It's too late, the market isn't going to shift from unlimited to caps in the home.  Usage is way different.  Get over it AT&T, quit trying to define the market, it's already defined.  Someone (Google Fiber,Big Cable) will eventually step up if you don't in my opinion. 


Anyway, I hope that we get U-Verse eventually (Buford GA area).  Will continue to follow these threads and others looking for a sign of hope I guess.  Just tired of all these communication monopolies running the show holding the consumer back. 


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Re: U-verse expansion in eastern Atlanta?

Hi, all:


It's been more than a year since my initial posting in this thread, and I wanted to update anyone else with interest as to the current status of what I found out from AT&T.


Today, I visited the AT&T store in Loganville, GA and inquired as to status of U-verse here on the east side of Atlanta. I have been told by the front-line rep after discussing the situation at length that apparently AT&T is slated to open up several hundred thousand (maybe upwards of 500,000) lines in the metro Atlanta area by the end of 2013 for U-verse. I was told that front line folks don't know exactly where these openings will go (not necessarily just the east side of Atlanta, but classified as expanding the whole of metro Atlanta), and it's not necessarily based on ZIP code.


This individual also told me that I wasn't the only one wanting to effectively throw money his direction to upgrade my DSL (currently sitting at 3MB). Further, I asked whether or not my current restriction of 3MB DSL would similarly constrain me to the same level with U-verse; his response was that U-verse would definitely open up the line to faster than that.


So, we'll see what happens. I have this gentleman's card, and he asked me to directly contact him again if I wanted to find out more specific information about my address -- which I intend to do sometime into 2014.





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Re: U-verse expansion in eastern Atlanta?



Good luck with your service, hopefully they expand to you area soon.  3Mbps is pathetic for today's standard.  Keep it up and hopefully you'll eventually get good news.


To update on my situation we only had AT&T in my area, no cable.  6Mbps was available but there were no ports, too many people wanting service since there was no cable competitor.  I nagged and complained for months trying to get service.  I wrote the CEO AT&T, he had someone from his office call me back but it was the same old same old.  I wrote the CEO of Charter (cable co for my area) too.  The CEO of Charter actually wrote me back and said he would look into it, what a nice guy to actually respond.  Sure enough 2 weeks later I get a call from a Charter manager who said they would start building out our neighboorhood within a few months.  And they did (about a year ago now) and now AT&T has plenty of ports available in my area Smiley Happy  I can also get 30Mbps vs 6Mbps for cheaper Smiley Happy


So keep trying, maybe persistence will pay off for you one day as well.  I am sure you're tired of that slow internet.

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