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U-verse Now Has 5.5 Million TV Customers - 4th Qtr 2013


U-verse Now Has 5.5 Million TV Customers - 4th Qtr 2013

From the press release found in the link below:


Record-Low U-verse TV Churn. Total U-verse subscribers (TV and high speed Internet) reached 10.7 million in the fourth quarter. U-verse TV had the lowest-ever churn in its history. U-verse TV added 194,000 subscribers in the fourth quarter with an increase of 924,000 for the full year to reach 5.5 million in service. AT&T has more pay TV subscribers than any other telecommunications company. U-verse high speed Internet had a record fourth-quarter net gain of 630,000 subscribers, to reach a total of 10.4 million, and a record annual increase of 2.7 million, or 34 percent. Overall, total wireline broadband subscribers were essentially flat in the quarter but grew year over year. Total wireline broadband ARPU was up more than 7 percent year over year. Total U-verse high speed Internet subscribers now represent 63 percent of all wireline broadband subscribers compared with 47 percent in the year-earlier quarter.


About 59 percent of U-verse broadband subscribers have a plan delivering speeds up to 12 Mbps or higher. In the fourth quarter, more than 90 percent of new U-verse TV customers also signed up for U-verse high speed Internet. About two-thirds of AT&T U-verse TV subscribers take three or four services from AT&T. ARPU for U-verse triple-play customers continues to be more than $170. U-verse TV penetration of customer locations continues to grow and was at 21 percent at the end of the fourth quarter.

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Re: U-verse Now Has 5.5 Million TV Customers - 4th Qtr 2013

Thank you for the post.

At only 21% penetration, 1 out of 5 customers that could have Uverse IPTV service does, alot of room for growth.
That is a potential of 27 million customers without Project VIP even being completed.

A check on AT&T jobs shows all markets hiring additional Uverse techs for installation and maintenance.
Additionally commitment to hire 5000 veterans has been doubled to 10, 0000.
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