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U-Verse locking up today


U-Verse locking up today

My U-Verse TV service is locking up this morning.  I had to reboot the whole house then the main TV box looked like it downloaded new firmware, rebooted, installed the new firmware, rebooted several times and now runs for about 30 seconds and locks up hard.  Only way to unlock is to power the box down/up. 


I can go to a channel and get 15 seconds of video and sound and then total lock up.  It just rebooted itself with no power down but again, the channel came up, video and sound working then 10 seconds it locked up.


What are you guys up to today!?  Rolling out new service/features/channels??  Not working here in Louisville, KY!


Please look into it.





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Re: U-Verse locking up today

Still doing this on my main tv box.  Two other boxes work fine except to access the recorded content on the main box that is locked up.


I guess all of the tech support guru's on here are off watching football games for the New Year!  What I would like to be doing!!

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Re: U-Verse locking up today

Only two things can be tried....
Factory reset RG, will restore RG to original settings, as live TV on other receivers function properly except for DVR functions, like pause, play, record plus receive initial feed till attempt to switch do jot believe issue is with RG.

Not a cable issue, suspect link light on, was able to load gear screens and initial channel.

Therefore issue is DVR,factory reset (losing all programs) is recourse .If problem continues after factory resetting DVR then DVR needs replacement, also results in losing all recorded programs.

Factory reset for boxes...depress power, OK, down arrow 10~15 seconds, release power continue to hold OK, down till front panel lights flash three times..release buttons...single gear two gears, will auto reboot come back in 15 minutes see if can record, pause playback...NOTE on DVR this will reformat HD loss all recordings.
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