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U-Verse -Toshiba IP5000 phone issue


U-Verse -Toshiba IP5000 phone issue

 I was forced by AT&T to switch from DSL to U-Verse in Feb 2012. My Toshiba IP-5000-Series phone worked until mid-June then it stopped connecting to my IP address. Phone worked with DSL and U-Verse until June.


Two other co-workers had the same issue. AT&T said they did not do anything - sounds suspicious since we all had problems about the same time - different parts of the country, only U-Verse in common.


Swapped out the Gateway, swapped out the phone, changed the phone settings - no resolution. Toshiba tech and my IT say it is a phone and U-verse compatibility issue. Can not change phones because I'm using standard company phone. AT&T keeps saying it is my IT or a hardware issue.


Everyone I know using U-Verse and this phone has problems. No one has issues with Verizon FiOS or WOW but they are not in my immediate area. The only choice I have is Time Warner Cable, which is my next stop and I will probably change.


I have not been happy with AT&T and U-Verse since it was forced on me.


Anyone have success with U-Verse and the toshiba IP5000-Series phone?

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Re: U-Verse -Toshiba IP5000 phone issue

Hi cwo4navyret,


I apologize for the issues you are having with your phone. It is odd that it just all of a sudden stopped working, and both of you are having the same issue. I would be glad to further investigate this for you. Just to get a little more information, with your IP phone, how are you connecting online. I am assuming through some kind of VPN connection. Also, what type of U-verse router do you have?


-David T

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