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U-Verse Power 45 Mbps Internet


U-Verse Power 45 Mbps Internet

I pulled the trigger earlier this week and upgraded from 24 Mbps to the new 45 Mbps plan.  The tech came out on Thursday and installed a new modem (Motorola NVG589).  He also had to rewire the connection to allow for two plugs.  Naturally, there were problems along the way.  For some reason, the new service would not download faster than 21 Mbps, but the upload was consistently around 5.3 Mbps.  After swapping ethernet cables, modems, changing adapter settings on my desktop, etc., he finally tried a last ditch effort.  He returned to the "box" down the road and changed the port that my service was connected to.  That did it.  I'm now hitting 44+ Mbps on downloads and 5 Mbps uploads consistently.  I also have television and telephone service.  The new router supports wireless N protocol.  It was a snap to reconfigure our laptops, ipads, cell phones, and two printers to the new router security.  I have had U-Verse since it first became available in our area, (summer 2010) and have been quite pleased we have only suffered one internet outage during this time, and the TV and phone service have been consistently good.  My wife has been disappointed with the loss of the Hallmark Channel, but we have maintained the service.  Just wanted to let folks know that it is available in Knoxville, TN now.

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Re: U-Verse Power 45 Mbps Internet

I have had U-Verse in Knoxville since it Launched, went from 24 Internet speed to 45, it took the tech 5 hours because they had issues at the tap, but finally after 5.5 hours they got it working.  I have U-Verse 450 with phone and Internet.

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