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U-Verse Pair Bonding

U-Verse Pair Bonding

I was wondering if I would be able to request pair bonding for my line, I am not sure if it is available in my area?

If anyone could help me out with this, that would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: U-Verse Pair Bonding

Welcome, are you a current uverse account, if so which RG?
What is the purpose of requesting pair bonding?

If ADSL2+, RG is 510, pair bonding not currently available.
If VDSL+ for pair bonding, need one of two types to be meet...
1) distance is over 3000 with low signal to noise margin...possible inid with i38hg or 589 RG
This places you on the 25 M profile with max plus HSI of 18/1.5
2) power tier is available for internet, you qualify, order and charged $99 install fee receive 589 RG
This places you on 55 M profile with Max Power HSI of 45/6

both situations, the RG is leased for $6 per month, no option to purchase RG.

NOTE: both require the ability of to run new cat5 cabling from NID to RG or IU.
If in a MDU with old quad wiring unless owner of building installs new wiring would be denied.
MDU is a multi dwelling building such as apartments or condos.
QUAD wiring is red/green/black/yellow wiring...could pull wall plate from phone jack to check.

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