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U-Verse Address Verification ... Taking over a month??


U-Verse Address Verification ... Taking over a month??

We started trying to setup install for u-verse Internet before we moved. They said they would have to have someone drive out and verify the address. We figured that would happen because it is a new house.

We have now talked to 10+ people to get this setup and done it has been almost a month now. The people across the street have uverse tv and Internet, so I know lines are run.

What is driving me insane is that NO ONE has actually put in our request!! We call back every couple of days now because of this. Each time the person says that they put very thing in the system and the address will be verified in a couple of days and someone will call us. NO ONE ever calls us so we call, and turns out the request was never put in or it was put in for tv and Internet so it was canceled.

Today was the WORST phone call ever. The person gave another number to call. We called it. It was a number to a hottie hotline, yes you read that correctly. What is up?!?! AT&T so big now they don't need more customers???

And normally I would have ha enough and pick someone else but because of our location we have no other options!!!

HELP!!! I worked in customer support before, and even the customers I hated I didn't treat this badly.
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Re: U-Verse Address Verification ... Taking over a month??

Try contacting AT&T Customer Care via Private Message using the following link:


Be sure to include your contact information, name, address, etc.


They are social media managers, not the same as the representatives you reach when calling CS/TS, and they can be very effective.  They have helped me and many others on the forum.  Good luck with your issue.



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