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U-Verse 3801HGV not working with wireless cameras ADC V510


U-Verse 3801HGV not working with wireless cameras ADC V510

I recently switched from TWC and the traditional cable modem and my own Cisco/Linksys E1000 router to ATT U-verse and their 3801HGV Gateway. I cannot get the wireless cameras to work with the system wirelessly, only via the Ethernet cable. I have reset the cameras to factory defaults, configured them to the 2WIRE multiple times to no avail and tried various ideas on the gateway such as MAC filtering, changing the default wireless key, played with the pinhole setting but didn't really know what I was doing. For kicks, I put my old Cisco router back inline connected to the 3801HGV, not as an accesspoint, but as a router behind a router running the wireless network while wireless was disabled on the gateway. I did not do any DMZ stuff, the gateway behaved like a cable modem and the router and cameras and PCs all worked fine. I would leave it like this just to get the cameras to work (the only thing that won't work with U-Verse) except my router is old and intermittently failing which is why I switched to U-verse in the first place since it came with its own wireless gateway. While the router was working I compared the settings to the RG such as channel, wireless mode, security type (WPA2) and those parameters matched.


Tonight while doing more playing, I turned off the security on the router and I was able to get the cameras to work wirelessly with WEP OPEN, no security or key. But when its normalized with WPA2-AES, the cameras will never work wirelessly. If I set Security to Enabled and WEP Open and use the default 2WIRE key or custom alpha numberic key, neither camera will connect that way either. So basically the cameras will work unsecured but not with any kind of security even though they worked with WPA2-AES on my Cisco E1000 router. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: U-Verse 3801HGV not working with wireless cameras ADC V510

Well I managed to fix it tonight after more tinkering but I don't really understand why it works this way. I started going down the security settings from WEP Open with Security disabled/no key, to WEP Open with Security enabled/key then WPA TKIP. When the cameras were on TKIP they worked.The default setting on the 3810HGV is WPA2 (AES) and WPA (TKIP). I had tried that default setting before and set up the cameras as AES like the security page showed they were while connected to the Cisco router. So I set the HGV3801 back to default Security type and key and the cameras stayed connected as WPA TKIP while the PCs run WPA2 AES. I don't understand while U-verse likes one setting while Cisco was fine with another but it is working now so that is all that matters.

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