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U-Basic service


U-Basic service

Are there any plans to upgrade U-Basic? 

Access is denied to On Demand TV shows for local channels.  Why? 

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Re: U-Basic service

Because it's the cheapest package. Less money, less availability.
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Re: U-Basic service

ATT is required to offer a Cost Saver/Budget/Limited income type package for both tv & Internet, under FCC regulations. Same for any Pay to watch tv provider out there, and ISP.

As for your question, if you want OnDemand, and have a BluRay player, AppleTV or Roku, there is always Amazon, Crackle, Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, etc..
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Re: U-Basic service

I have AT&T Uverse Internet and  the internet works great for the playstation 3, Ipods, my computer and such but not for my phone.  But that isn't even an issue for me,.  I want to know why everytime I am asked who my provider is online and I give my sign in information, I get a response "Access Denied"


I know AT&T TV is not available in my area but if I am watching over the internet that I pay for then I should be able to access ESPN watch now, or CNN, or whatever.  We don't have cable so the internet is our only source of communication to what is going on in the world and denying access to a customer who pays for the internet is rediculous.

Kristy Cisneroz

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