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Trying to setup home networking for Vlans/and WAP points


Trying to setup home networking for Vlans/and WAP points

Came across a Cisco C2950 switch for cheap and want to setup a home network so I can have a few PCs hardwired and also add another Linksys Wireless router off the switch, since my house is fairly long and I dont get coverage at the other end from the RG I have. Wanted to see if anyone has tried this and had sucess? Do I need to run Vlans for the TV traffic and Internet traffic or can I just uplink the switch to the RG and have it work that way?

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Re: Trying to setup home networking for Vlans/and WAP points

The gateway will handle the splitting of TV from internet data.

No need for you to create VLANs unless you want to segregate machines off your switch...but if you do VLANs you will need a DHCP server that can have a presence on each VLAN and provide all the different subnets the correct lease info and routing.

I have my RG configured with a DMZ to my ASA-5510 firewall, which in turn has an internal interface feeding a pair of 2960G switches. So the RG is set up for a custom DHCP range and the ASA is the only client on that. The ASA then provides all DHCP and routing to the Inside interface feeding the 2960s. I could create additional VLANs on the switches and setup two more additional inside interfaces on the ASA, but have no real reason to.
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