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Trying to get 45mbps, have to go without internet for 5 days?


Trying to get 45mbps, have to go without internet for 5 days?

I'm trying to get my Uverse Internet service upgraded from 18Mbps to 45Mbps.  I actually called last week and the rep said they would call back in 2 business days but that never happened.  Figured I would try again today.


After about 2 hours on the phone and chat, I'm told that they have to cancel my service today and will install the 45Mbps on Monday, so I'll be without Internet for 5 days.  I work from home so obviously that's not going to work.  I asked if they can cancel my service Monday and install Monday and was met with "No, this is the only option you have", being the 5 day outage. 

I hope someone's reading this from AT&T, expecting someone to be down for 5 days when they are trying to give you more money doesn't sound like a great service offering.  Surely there's a better way?


Lets talk,


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Re: Trying to get 45mbps, have to go without internet for 5 days?

You have an FTTP (fiber to the premise) and currently on a BPON ONT which is limited to 18M (Max Plus) internet speeds.

To move to a higher internet package, requires the ONT to be replaced with a GPON ONT.
This requires a new account number, Uverse system does not allow two accounts at same address, therefore need to cancel existing account before can place a new order for 45M internet, creating the new account.

Based on orders in systems determines installation date, I have seen waits up to 3 weeks or more so 5 days is not bad.
Be aware if have IPTV, will lose all recordings on DVR, as the recordings are tied to original account number.

May also receive new 589 RG, if current is 3800 or 3801 be sure to write down any custom settings.

There is a slim possibility reported previous of local hardware not able to support GPON resulting in delayed install.
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