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Thinking about switching to uverse


Thinking about switching to uverse

Hello, i am currently an at&t dsl internet customer. I currently have dish network for my tv. I am looking into getting uverse tv, i have some questions though. 


1- If i go with uverse tv, would i need to go with uverse internet, or can i stay with my dsl? 


2-whats the difference between the dsl and uverse internet since they have pretty much the same speed? 


3- I recently bought from the at&t store a modem/router for my internet, since my old modem kick the bucket, can i keep this modem/router, if i do get att uverse internet?


4- with my dish network, i currently have 3 tv's setup with the dish. 1 tv that is in the basement, is mirrored with a room upstairs. Can i do the same thing with uverse, that is have 2 tvs on a reciever and mirror a 3rd one with one of the tv's that are on a reciever, if that makes sense?

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Re: Thinking about switching to uverse

pwf269 -
1. No, one or the other. DSL is being phased out & you may be asked to switch because of that.

2. Depending on distance to VRAD, you may be eligible for much higher speeds with U-verse.

3. If you have TV you will rent the modem.router. If just internet it most likely be a different modem/router than you have now.

4.You can mirror multiple TVs on the same receiver. But, each receiver has only one "tuner" so you cannot have two non-mirrored TVs on the same receiver. Also, the remote is IR, so you can only change channel in the room, unless you go for an RF remote such as - URC RF10 or RF20.

Here is way to mirror with HDMI -
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