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The reward card system employed by AT&T is a sham


The reward card system employed by AT&T is a sham

In April I ordered U-verse internet predicated on the sales agent (in Missouri) promising me 2 $150 gift cards to offset the cost of install and equipment purchase. I have never received these cards nor have I ever been sent email or any other mail instructing me as to how to claim them. After reading these forums, I've found that this is normal for AT&T. I've checked the rewards site recommended here and it returns nothing for me. I also sent a private message to customer care (as recommended on these forums) and received this response back from Becca G:


"I'm sorry that you didn't get the cards. Making changes to your account after install can effect the amount of the Reward and you may have not qualified. Unfortunately, the Social Media Team does not have access to our Reward Center systems so you will have to contact them directly by visiting their website at: or by calling them at: 877-258-1427 so that they can address your questions and concerns."


Notice that it now has already been implied that there now may be some ficticious new reason I didn't get the cards. Well, I made no changes to my account after install. This whole system is scam to attract customers and force those customers to jump through hoops to receive what an AT&T agent promised us. It is a total bait and switch scam. Further, it appears others on this forum have gotten resolution by using the same mechanisms I have yet Becca tells me she lacks the resources to help.


This has forever colored my view of this company and will definitly impact my choices regarding whether I maintain my account. This better get resolved in exactly the right way or I will do everything I can to leave AT&T behind as well as spread my message through social media about this practice.


T Worman

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Re: The reward card system employed by AT&T is a sham

Hello, playdrums!


Thanks for posting. Have you had a chance to follow Becca's suggestion about calling the reward center? Please contact the reward center using the number Becca provided; they are better equipped to find an acceptable resolution to this issue.


We would be happy to review your case and discuss your options, so let me know if you need any further assistance here on the forums.



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Re: The reward card system employed by AT&T is a sham


I am going to call. But it is clear that all this work is part of the dance. I think it is really unfair and disrespectful to your customers that this is how this all works. And it is clear that your phone agents can apparently say what they want to ink a deal - and never have to speak to anyone again. The customer gets lost between these different departments and AT&T is well aware that that is exactly what is going to happen.

I shouldn't be having to spend further time on this issue when an agreement was made with me.
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Re: The reward card system employed by AT&T is a sham

After speaking with V55461at the reward center, I've been told that the cards are being sent out. That's part of the story. Hopefully it happens - but I am worried I'm going to have to babysit this process more.

The other part of the story:

V55461 told me that there were notes in my file that said I was to get these cards as an offset - just as I described. So I asked why nothing had happened. And she just said, "I don't know" - in a way that made me sure she answers that question often.

I believe it remains so that this is all exactly as AT&T intends it to be. And that's a really disappointing reality. The bar is set high purposely to make this difficult. These message boards are the breadcrumbs - yielding additional clues to find out what numbers to call and what secretive group to message. These breadcrumbs are only found by the customers who actually have the tenacity to pursue. It's AT&T just wearing down your resolve. The rest do not get their rebates or gift cards and, as a result, AT&T limits their reward payouts. It's that simple. The helpful customer service agents here are just another piece of this system with a cheerful tone. Don't get me wrong, cheerful is nice. The underlying plan isn't.

I make business systems for a living. I know it is recorded from your first contact with AT&T who you spoke to, time, date, what the terms were, and everything else about your order. Nothing is missing in the history. Everything else is just customers dancing on the strings like puppets.

I'm disappointed in AT&T's idea of customer service.

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Re: The reward card system employed by AT&T is a sham

I never got mine either but got the bills. Now it is expired? How can something expire that you never activated?

They offered me additional rewards too but they don't even show up. They tell you anything to get you to change but it is just lies
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