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Terrible service yahoo and ATT


Terrible service yahoo and ATT

On Saturday we stopped getting our Yahoo email.  Our password no longer worked.  I tried going in online and changing it, however I could either answer security questions (for questions we didnt recognize, nor set up - so that didn't work) or get a new temporary password sent to the yahoo address we couldnt access.  So after unsuccesfully trying to correct the issue online I called the yahoo support number that I was directed to by the att site.   I called them about 6:45 pm...waited on hold for about 45 minutes, and was told that I had to call ATT, that my account was merged and they could not access the account.  So I called ATT,  after being on hold for 15 minutes, and resetting my account password that I would have to call Yahoo to reset my yahoo password.  NO WAY!!!  So I was transfered to another department (after being on hold again)  I was told that my account was merged with an old att account from about 7 or 8 years ago.  Did I know the email address and password for that account - No,  I didnt even know we had an account then.  ATT cant access it, because it is too old.  The reason the password doesnt work is because they did a system upgrade and their might have been a glitch because the yahoo account was merged with an old DSL account.  After going back and forth till 9:45 pm - I was told that they (ATT) would contact Yahoo and find out what the email address is for the old account and call me back in about 1/2 hour.   I spent about 3 hours on the phone this evening, no resolution to a problem that ATT caused,  I have not been able to access my email account in over 3 days.  I am very very very unhappy with ATT customer service - need to look for a new provider I think.   TERRIBLE non-existent customer service.

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Re: Terrible service yahoo and ATT

Hello, crescent4!


Welcome to the forums! I'm so sorry to hear about your recent experiences when your email was merged. If you don't mind, please send us a private message by clicking here so we can investigate further.


In your message, please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. Keep an eye on the little blue envelope in the top right corner of your screen for a response.


In the meantime, please feel free to message me with any additional questions or concerns!



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Re: Terrible service yahoo and ATT

I am now experiencing the same terrible service and waste of time. From reading your message and the results of all my efforts I conclude the only way for me to regain access to my Yahoo email of 10 years is with resetting my password which can only be done by telephone communications.

My last hope is for having the name(s) & or extension number for someone at Yahoo to talk with.

The main number I have is 1-***. When I called I got a recording asking for a name or extention number. Do you or anyone you know have any Yahoo contact info that may work?

If so please email to     ***

Right now I am gettng resigned to starting over with another email provider like gmail.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to write your exerience. I hope it hasn't been costly finacially as well as all the lost time. For me it is just time since I am retired.


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