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Terrible customer service, Technician cursing IN MY HOME statement credits offered but not given


Terrible customer service, Technician cursing IN MY HOME statement credits offered but not given

Hello, it all started when i was supposed ot have my service installed saturday april 12th, between 9am and 11am. I had an appointment, NO CALLS, NO EMAIL'S NO KNOCK on my door. I called 3 hours after the appointment was to be made and was told i had a facility's issue and had to wait until the 18th to have it installed, i was offered a 21 inch TV by a CSR named Trey, i was also promised a 100 dollar statement credit from a CSR named Jordan, but i had to wait until my service was actually turned on to get that credit. STILL havent seen it.. NEVER heard anything back, on the 18th, the Tech came to install my service, 2 hours early (which isnt a bad thing but he didnt even call to see if i was available) just knocked on my door. When he came in to my home he didnt identify him self, he didnt show ID i assumed he was from ATT because of the truck and the uniform, i invited him inside, as he was installing everything inside of my home he was frustrated, CURSING in front of my child. He proceeded to tell me how bad my appt was, and how much more nice his was. He was staring at my wifes chest and butt SO bad that she told me she was uncomfortable and actually left the house until he was gone. Then after he left i talked to someone on ATT chat, where i was told i qualified for 350 dollars in promo visa cards, and free HD service for the year, he ALSO promised me a 75 dollar credit which he said was the maximun he could do, he then transfered me to his supervisor, who then took my visa promos down to 300 instead of the 350, he also added the HD free for (one month) and said he would do the 75 dollar credit as well. the credit still doesnt show anywhere on my account which shows me he did NOT add it. I have the chat logs saved to prove all of what i just said. Then i got on ATT forums and private messages someone, who said they could NOT help me, and connected me to a manager named Becca, Who basically said she cannot do anything about the way the tech acted, but did apologize for the way he did and "assured" me that it would be sent to his manager. (doubt anything will happen) and in the loast email she sent told me that (maybe ATT uverse isnt the right service for my family) I ALSO have the emails to prove that. I dont not know who to talk to anymore, in the 4 days ive actually had service ive been lied to MANY times, if i included the previous week i waited for my service to be installed i couldnt count the lies on my fingers and toes put together, i honestly LOVE uverse and upgraded my TV service from the u-family pack to the u-350 on the first day because i liked it so much, but i dont know who to talk to anymore. I feel like ive been mistreated so much that i dont think i will keep the service anymore. I think ill go to Dish network for TV and Cable One for internet. i canget a 70 Mb line to my house for what im paying now for uverse. Ive tried for the past 2 weeks to talk to the right people and im CONSTANTLY bounced around. Is there ANYONE that cna help? or Should i just cancel? Im thinking of even canceling before my 30 days because of this. And im probably going to end my Cell phone contract with them as well. The way ive been treated is horriffic and im honestly scared. Who can i talk to? Who can help me? And i wrong for wanting the compensation i have been promised? Was i wrong for being upset about the technician acting that way? I was never at one point rude, unless i was being talked to like a crook. I dont want anything free. i just want to be treated FAIR. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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Re: Terrible customer service, Technician cursing IN MY HOME statement credits offered but not given

I have PM'ed him, still waiting on a reply.

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Re: Terrible customer service, Technician cursing IN MY HOME statement credits offered but not given

I think im just going to go with cable one. 3 times the speed. Local customer service, intergrity, responsibility and accountability go a long way when some one wants me to sign a contract. And ATT Uverse appearntly has NONE of those traits.

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