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Telephone problem


Telephone problem

I cannot receive calls. I cannot call out.  Instead of a dial tone I hear what sounds like a busy signal when I pick up the receiver. This happens regardless of having the phone plugged in to a jack, the back of the UVerse "brain unit" in my basement or directly into the connection box where the phone line enters my home. It can't be a message waiting thing because I don't use ATT voice mail and the Do Not Disturb function is 'off." Just to be sure I checked and there are no messages anyway. Ideas???

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Re: Telephone problem

ballasa - It is not clear if your phone is POTS or u-verse. Did you previously have POTS & changed to u-verse?

If you have POTS the tone you hear would appear at the connection box and NOT n the "brain".
If you have U-verse voice, it would appear on the "brain" and not on connection box.
There must be a wire crossed somewhere. Best call in for repair.
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Re: Telephone problem

What was the solution in this case? I am real curious. It sounded to me that if your phone was VOIP, you would have to unplug your home phone line from your "brain" before you could plug your telephone into the brain's phone jack. But if that jack was already vacant with no phone line plugged into it, you may only have a Plain Old Tele System line where the talking battery comes from the phone company and not from your home Power Suply. If you are also running a UPS that is not part of the AT&T system, it could be radiating noise into the brain as you call it.

I hope you see this and come back with some stats.

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