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TV + Internet Setup with Networked House & Airport Extreme


TV + Internet Setup with Networked House & Airport Extreme

I currently have Comcast for Internet & Dish Network for TV.  My cable modem is hooked up to an Airport Extreme and I also have an airport express to extend my network.  The cable modem & Airport Extreme upstairs in the Den with the airpot express & TV/DVR downstairs in the family room.


I am looking into switch Internet & TV to U-Verse, but I'd like to keep my Airport Extreme serving up my internet.  The house came wired for internet but I've never used it.  There is a network box (USsec tecCenter) in the master bedroom (upstairs) closet and cat5 outlets in all the rooms.  I'd like to keep my setup the same as it is now with my airport extreme upstairs in the Den and airport express downstairs by the TV.  Can this work?


I am assuming that I can setup the AE to serve up the internet with the instructions in this thread (  Can I have the UVerse RG setup in the network box and have the TV STB connected via ethernet outlet next to the TV to the appropriate port on the RG and then the AE connected to the RG via ethernet outlet in the Den?


I'm assuming that the network box is a standard wiring, but I can attach a picture of it if it would help.

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Re: TV + Internet Setup with Networked House & Airport Extreme

went out to get a crimper and some rj45 jacks and was all ready to put jacks on the end of the white cables (which I assumed were ethernet).  turns out, those are coax cables.


i unscrewed the ethernet wall jack in the den and found that the blue wires run to this wall jack.  the blue wires are currently plugged into the usTec UX-226 module.  does anyone know how that works?  Is the UX-226 essentially a switch?  Do I just plug the RG into the UX-226?


I was also able to identify which ethernet wire which goes to the den by connecting a laptop to the ethernet jack in the den, then connecting the cables in sets of 4 from the usTec box and seeing which one was active.


Will the Uverse Tech know how hook up the RG to the UX-226 to connect it to the STB or maybe they need to just connect the RG directly to the STB cable in the network box?


EDIT: Figured it out - apparently the UX-226 is a POTS box.  Search for RJ31X Line Intercept and found a post that explained it.


Looks like I should have the RG set up per user my_thoughts suggestion with port 1 connected to cable which runs to Family Room & port 2 connect to cable running to Den.

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Re: TV + Internet Setup with Networked House & Airport Extreme

You are correct the 226 is for 4 line POTS.

If your 4 line cable is ethernet cat5e then you could use a Netgear switch and terminate both ends to 568B which will give you internet or STB connection to your RG.

IF you are using coax you will need the correct splitters and you would have to make sure the distribution amp is both compatible and two way.

The signal loss on more than a three way splitter on coax with fairly descent runs would cause issues hence the need for an amp.

Ethernet with the correct switch does not have these limitations.

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