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TERRIBLE Customer Service


TERRIBLE Customer Service

I received notification via email I needed to return my damaged equipment within 10days or else I would be billed $150.00. I called ATT to ask for a prepaid label, as I work and have school right after and cant go to a store during their open hours.The rep informed me there was no other option,  I then asked for a manager so that I can be provided a prepaid label, as I have a mail room in my place of work and I could easily drop it off there. The manager was RUDE, he stated the ONLY way to return this item is to take it to a UPS store or pay for a label out of my pocket and have it returned. I explained to him, a label is much easier, as I dont have time to drive to a UPS STORE. He cut me off and said "I told you this is the only option". I then explained this was the worst sercivce I have receiced, his tone making it the WORST part of all. I asked how would I go about inquiring how to cancel all my services, cell phone, internet, house phone, and cable, and he said "I can help you with that, let me transfer you to our cancelation service". He didnt even apologize or offer to turn the experience around for a possitive one, he simply transfered me over. I'm a manager at a call center and I would not tolerate that type of behavior from one of my phone agents. I was considering ending my other cell phone plan with Verizon due to cost and change it to ATT but that will NEVER happen. Verizon has TOP NOTCH service. I'm not one to take the time to write about the level of service I receive, being a call center manager I understand at times there is nothing that can be done but that does not justify the attitute and the lack of courtesy I received from the manager I spoke to. If he's the manager, he's setting a bad example to the agents, leads, and supervisors that report to him. What kind of quality training or development can a manager like him pssibly offer with an attitude like that? TERRIBLE TERRIBLE! 

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Re: TERRIBLE Customer Service

Unfortunately for you, returning the equipment via UPS is the only way to return your equipment.  It will not cost you anything.  You should receive a label but once again, it's for UPS only.


I would recommend you contact ATT customer care at ATTCustomerCare


Include your account number and explain your circumstances.

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Re: TERRIBLE Customer Service

I've never needed a return label, just take it to the UPS store and my account number was enough.

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Re: TERRIBLE Customer Service

It is sad that the ATT CSRs are not all on the same page.  I have regularly suggested to subs here in the forum that if they call and get an uncooperative CSR to politely end the call.  Then call back and speak to one that is more cooperative.  Then they can usually get their requests granted.  This happened in your case.  I have returned equipment several times and I got a free postal label that I took to UPS.  They boxed up the equipment and shipped it at no charge to me.

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