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System Password won't work


System Password won't work

hi, i am trying to setup a port forward for minecraft... so i have to define its application and when i have filled everything out and hit add to list, it takes me it takes me to the login... so i type in my two router passwords... and neither of them work... so i hit i forgot my password twice to reset it and i type my default system password in... and that didn't work either... please help!

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Re: System Password won't work

Hi canadianbacon,


I apologize for the issues you are having trying to input your system password. One thing worth trying is doing a full factory reset by holding the reset button down for 30 seconds. Be sure you are inputting the system password, as there is another password for your wireless key.

There may be an issue with the sticker on the side of your gateway being printed wrong, and therefore causing the system password to not work, and the only fix for that is replacing the U-verse router. My team will be sending you a private message so you have direct contact with us, and we can help you replace the router if necessary.


-David T

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