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Switched back to Uverse need to keep my longtime Bellsouth email accounts


Switched back to Uverse need to keep my longtime Bellsouth email accounts

Somebody else postd the problem below, but I have the exact same scenario. Please help.
I have been a long time DSL user who just switched to U-Verse. As such, I and my family have had userids under my DSL account.

As part of my U-Verse installation, the technician had me create a NEW userid ( rather than use my existing AT&T account.

So... I now have both an and account and email addresses.

So, can someone please advise what happens now? Will my email addresses "go away" now that all services under that account (DSL and POTS phone) are terminated?

Can all of the information in the family email accounts ( be migrated to, although I'd prefer to keep the addresses.

Thanks for any assistance.

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Re: Switched back to Uverse need to keep my longtime Bellsouth email accounts

Hello drdeb,


According to section 5.a. of the terms of service for AT&T HighSpeed Internet (which applied to you as an AT&T Residential DSL customer following the Bellsouth acquisation.) 

5.         Termination or Cancellation of Service

a.  Cancellation of Service by Customer. When you purchased the Service, you agreed to a specific price and plan, which may have included a term. You agree that if you cancel your plan before the end of the term, you will pay the early termination fee associated with that plan.  At the conclusion of your term or if you did not sign up for a term plan, the term for your Service will be month-to-month.  When you cancel your service, your account ID e-mail address will remain active, as will all e-mail subaccounts you have created. The e-mail accounts may be accessed from the website.


Based on this information, you should still be able to access your e-mail account (which is handled by AT&T - Yahoo!). This would be a cancellation by customer, in order to upgrade to U-Verse.

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