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Suspended lines due to att error


Suspended lines due to att error

I set up two payment arrangements for the month of December due to att having my bill messed up every month. I have paid over $200 in restoration fees because every time I pay my bill it gets suspended because att says I owed a different amount . Mind you I always check the att app for billing! I made a patents on December 13th and the other was scheduled for today December 27th. My phone was suspended yesterday the 26th. You can't even call into customer service from your phone when the line is suspended!! I was home with a sick toddler and no phone.

I went to my laptop to do an online chat with two reps. Both telling me they can't help me and then disconnecting the chats. I then drove to the ATTstore and no one in the store could help me. So I called customer service from the phone in the store. The first rep I spoke to told me the arrangement was kicked out because of a missed payment in November. I explained to her and emailed her proof via her advice that the payment in fact was made. She told me the email wouldn't be looked at for 24 hours. I asked for her supervisor and it took 30 minutes for the supervisor to pick up the line. He tells me the same thing and tells me I need to pay nearly $600 to have my devices restored.
By this time I am crying from anger. They are assign me to pay an amount for movement that I already paid and provided proof that it was paid. I asked the supervisor for a corporate number and he tells me they don't have one. I asked for the rep id number and he tells me they can't give that information. That's such bull!! That's because they are outsourced from another country so that att can pay them pennies to work!
I left the Att store after an hour of getting no help. I go to my moms house and call att again. I got the run. I asked to speak with the cancellations department and was told they won't speak to me because my lines are suspended. Pretty much after 5 hours of dealing with this and trying to get help all I was told was to pay the money to have my service turned back on and they will look into the money I already paid!

That's not good enough for me. I don't have extra money to pay att twice not to mention they have been messing up my bills for the last 4 months and I had a fraud case about two weeks ago where they cancelled my lines because they say someone tried to order multiple lines under my account but they are my able to help me find out who the person was. It was probably an att employee! A manager told me over the phone they can't help me get my services restored unless I pay the money. I said so att keeps telling me everything they can't do but you can take money he said yes you are correct! I was shocked I said if I displayed this kind if service to the customers at my job I would have been fired.

I spoke to a totally of about 10-12 reps and No one helped me. Not even the retention department! I cried this whole time because I have no phone. This day in age people use cell phones more than landlines and the fact that you can't even call customer service 24 hours a day or even from your phone when the line is suspended is unheard of. I plan on contacting corporate because I feel like the answer I should have received was sorry for the trouble what we can do is restore your service and waive the fee until we further investigate this matter!! Att is horrible and when I called sprint and tmobile they told me a lot of customers leave att!! Now I know why. I plan on standing outside of the att store and tell customers to go to another cell phone carrier!!!!
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Re: Suspended lines due to att error

I would recommend you send a private message to AT&T Customer Care using the link below.

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Re: Suspended lines due to att error

Hello zazalyn, welcome to the forums and thank you for posting!


I'm sorry to hear about your billing issues, if there is anything we can do to help, we'll do everything possible. Like MicCheck suggested, please send us a private message with your full name, phone number and the best time you can be reached.


Let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you,


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