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Super Service

Had a sevice disconnection Saturday while watching the Olympics Saturday afternoon, my first in over a year.  Naturally I called for a service apmt. but was told it would be in 5 days.  I begged for a earlier date and was then given a date for Monday afternoon.  The tech arrives, checks my setup, finds everthing OK at my end, but his readings show that I'm 2700 feet from the VRAD on Monday but I was only 800 feet from the VRAD just before the disconnection. He says a lineman has to be called to check th box but he'll go down just to check.  He walks down to the box, checks the connections and finds mine partially disconnected.  He fixed the problem even though he said it was a linemans job not a Uverse tech to go into the box.  I figure a lineman was working in the box Saturday on someone's elses problem and screwed up my connection instead.  Anyway kudos to the Uverse Tech for doing a good job.


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Re: Super Service

Thank you for sharing, Uverse tries to schedule repais within 24 to 48 hours, so not sure of 5 day delay.
I have done many a 4-8 pm repairs if customer had called in by 10 am same day.
As you state have had service at least a year, this should not be a new area expansion.

But thankfully the tech was able to resolve, when you receive the customer satisfaction phone call this tech gets all 10s in my book, hopefully you feel the same.
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