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Stuttering/Gateway Losing connection/all around frustration


Stuttering/Gateway Losing connection/all around frustration

Hi everyone,

Having some issues with my service.  Wanted to see if you have any help for me.

Have had service for about 2 months, once installed worked great for a few weeks, then the problems started. 

Router would drop off connection alot.  they replaced it.  Worked good for a while then started dropping off a lot again.  Now we not only get that, but stuttering has started.


internal wireing is all cat5e so no coax is being used inside the house.


We have had numerous house calls.  And the last tech mentioned he thinks the line from the outside to the inside of my house is the issue.  (Live in a condo complex) So if it is that line, have to put the boxing gloves on w/the HOA and see about replacing it.  But if that was they case don't they tests your lines before installing the service to see if you can support the service?  Would have saved me all this heart ache from the word start.


here are a few screenshots of UV Realtime





Thanks for the help in advance


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Re: Stuttering/Gateway Losing connection/all around frustration

One more photo, don't know if it's useful but here it is.


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Re: Stuttering/Gateway Losing connection/all around frustration

I also reset the router to factory defaults in a vain attempt the simple solution was reboot Smiley Wink

also reset all network equipment and dvr's and anything else that could be reset.


Help me obi-wan-canobi

Your my only hope

(of course it stutters really bad at the most convient times FOOTBALL)

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