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Stop forgeign Scammers


Stop forgeign Scammers

Getting through from a foreign country was a man calling from an unidentifiable number at 8:32pm, Monday July 23 2012. He told us he was support for our Microsoft based computer. I knew this was incorrect because I take care of our pcs myself.
 I did not give him time to try to con me and laughed at him and told him off.
He called right back at 8:33pm, instead of trying to "sell" me on his idea; he was saying an insult back to my husband and I. Which was "I'm {word filter evasion} you now", repeating it over and over for 2 minutes.
Somehow, someway... there must be a way to stop these people from calling.
This is not the first time a person from a foreign country has tried this exact scam by calling our home phone, a number we have had continuously for 24+ years.
As my service provider, I want AT&T to address this problem.
I don't want to be harassed after a long day at work after 8pm or anytime.
Our numbers are on the national DO NOT CALL list and this problem needs a serious solution. Others not as computer savvy as my family is could open themselves to a huge problem if they fall for this scam.

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Re: Stop forgeign Scammers

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