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Still got shows on old u-verse DVR


Still got shows on old u-verse DVR

So upgrading from regular u-verse to gigapower, installation scheduled but it dawned on me, what is gonna happen to old dvr. Still got shows on there. Is this transfered, do you get to keep the old DVR until you done with the shows? Anyone else go through this?

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Re: Still got shows on old u-verse DVR

At time of install should receive new 1T hard drive DVR, can only have one DVR per account.
Tech should remove from premise old DVR, all recordings will be lost.

If desire to keep original DVR, with recordings, inform tech decline new 1T DVR.

This is based on upgrading existing account, if moving from Bpon to Gpon, generally is close the account, open new account.
If this is the case, even if kept old DVR, would have no access as recordings are linked to account, new account has no recordings till created.
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Re: Still got shows on old u-verse DVR

Appreciate the info, kinda a bummer. I hope that one day since gigapower is rolling out, the need for a DVR goes away and you simply have the DVR in the cloud. That way STB's become dumb boxes talking to the backend where everything is stored.

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