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Standard Home Phone Service


Standard Home Phone Service

[I didn't see a non-Uverse phone forum, so I'm posting here.]

I live in zip code 93940 and tried shopping for standard home phone service. I think I understand how the pricing for "primary phone line with flat rate service" works, but how do the pricing for "primary phone line with per-call service" and "measured rate service" work?

I don't see any pricing information on "primary phone line with per-call service" whatsoever. How does it differ from measured rate service?

The fine print for measured rate service says, "Measured rate residential service is $18.25/mo. and includes a $6.75 allowance. Each minute costs $0.04 to $0.06." From what I gather, if my calling averages $0.05/minute, then I can call 6.75 / 0.05 = 135 minutes/month before I start paying more than $18.25/month. Is this interpretation correct?

After I try to shop for standard home phone service and enter my address, the site won't let me buy standard home phone service; it only shows U-verse, and I can't buy U-verse Voice without also buying either Internet or TV service I don't want. What the what?!

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Re: Standard Home Phone Service

I just finished a conversation with an AT&T representative who gave me the following information after consulting the billing system for my area:


Primary phone line with per-call service costs $14.25/month (above-the-line), with an allowance of 30 calls/month. After 30 calls, AT&T charges $0.21/call.


Measured rate service costs $18.50/month (above-the-line), with local calls charged at the following rates:


ZUM 1$0.04/minute
ZUM 2$0.04/minute
ZUM 3$0.06/minute


Domestic long distance calling costs an additional $7.00/month (including fees), with calls charged at $0.18/minute.


International calling costs an additional $5.99/month (above-the-line), with rates depending on country.


What the what?! I'd like to hear more from anyone else who has experience with standard home phone service because this information differs from the information on the AT&T Web site (documented above).

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Re: Standard Home Phone Service

L2P -
You may qualify for lifeline service. Here are some links for info -!/Support/


That did not work. Here is the important one -


Search for lifeline & click on support for the other three.

Also, free cell service is available in your zip code -

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Re: Standard Home Phone Service



I want information on plain old telephone service (that will work longer than a few hours during a power outage) that AT&T hides. What made you think I might qualify for low-income programs?

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