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Re: isn't as consistent on Uverse vs. TW

What is your speed tier?  There are many factors that can determine speed.  If you have TV service that can effect the higher tier speed tests depending on the amount of bandwidth being used for the TV service at the time the test is run.  If your using a wireless connection that could also affect performance.  Try running the test on a wired connection.  If TV service, turn off all AT&T receivers and test again.


I see a constant 21 down an 1.5 up and I have max 18. 

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Re: isn't as consistent on Uverse vs. TW

I've ordered the 45/6 plan, but my stats suggest I can only get 45/5.  However, real-world speeds are much lower.  I get between 20-40M down and 3-4M up running either wired and wireless.  


The biggest difference between TW and this new Uverse install seems to be the consistency of the line.  When I had 24/3 service last year, it was much more consistent than this new install.  On TW, which I still have, using the same router behind either modem/gateway, I get 52/5.5 consistently wired and 38/5.5 wireless.


I've contacted the install team to see if there is anything they can do.


One last point on the speed tests.  It seems these test report only the fastest they ever saw during the test.  With my DD-WRT router, I can see the bandwidth shape during these tests.  I think TW is nearly flat everytime during the test while Uverse seems to have good peaks and low troughs that follow.



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