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Small Font Sizes on SENT ATT-Yahoo Webmail messages


Small Font Sizes on SENT ATT-Yahoo Webmail messages

I'm plugging-in an answer about FONTS losing their Sizes on SENT WebMail Messages here, bc there is nowhere else to do it. Sorry if it doesn't fit the topic exactly:


The problem one would see whereby SENT ATT-Yahoo Webmail messages would switch to small font sizes upon being sent - a very bad impact on the recipient - has been resolved. ATT-YAHOO released a brand new WebMail System throughout the Months of June to July, 2013, and the old one has been eliminated. The new WebMail System is said to be most modern and much superior to its precedent. The change to the new ATT-YAHOO WebMail system has been compulsory. All the ATT-YAHOO World is now on it - by default.

I do not see subject FONT problem anymore, as I would have otherwise experienced by now - July the 1st 2013. Therefore, I take it that the new ATT-YAHOO WebMail System of June-July 2013 - has resolved it...

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