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Slow wireless speed, N600 behind 3801 rg


Slow wireless speed, N600 behind 3801 rg

I recently switched from Cox cable internet (18 Mbps) to AT&T U verse (24 Mbps) and have suffered a massive reduction in the speed of wireless internet network.


I have a computer that is about 50-60 feet away from the router.  This is the set up that I used previously:


Router: Netgear N600 Dual Band Router (WNDR4600v2)
Relay (halfway between router and pc): Netgear Universal Dual Band Range Extender (WN2500RP)

Adapter on PC: ASUS PCE-N53 300Mbps 11n Dual Band Wireless PCI-E Card


Using 5GHz capabilities of this set up, I was able to achieve around 15 Mbps download and 3-5 Mbps upload (IIRC).  After switching to U verse I set up the n600 as an access point behind the 3801 rg that now serves as the router.  I did this in order to continue using the 5GHz capabilities of the dual band hardware, since the 2.4 GHz signal from the 3801 rg proved insufficient.  I followed the instructions outline in post #13 in this thread:


These are the settings I have changed:

- disabled Wireless Interface on the 3801 rg

- disabled DCHP Server setting on the N600

- set the N600 to a static IP outside the default address range of the 3801 rg


However, despite using the same hardware in the same place over the same frequency (with a faster connection to the ISP), my wireless speeds have plummeted.  I'm now downloading at around 2 Mbps (85%-90% reduction) and uploading at .04 Mbps (99% reduction).  This slowdown does not occur with PCs which have a wired connection to the N600 (24 Gbps down/3 Gbps up).


The wireless PC is in a separate guest house, so running an ethernet line is not an option.  The best solution I've though of so far is setting up the N600 as close to the guest house as possible, using a wired connection to the router.  I could then set up the WN2500RP in a corner of the guest house with a wired connection to the PC. This would shorten the wireless distance to around 10-20 feet. However, since the network used to function fine despite the distance to the router, I'm not sure that reducing the distance will solve this new issue I'm experiencing.


Does anybody have advice on how to fix this slowdown in my wireless network?  I would greatly appreciate your help.

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Re: Slow wireless speed, N600 behind 3801 rg

Hello, rneal!


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear that your internet speeds have dropped. We can definitely help you find the cause and a fix. If you don't mind, please send us a private message by clicking here so we can get you in touch with our U-verse technical experts.


In your message, please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. You can expect a reply within two business days, so keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen.


In the meantime, feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns!



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Re: Slow wireless speed, N600 behind 3801 rg

I'm no expert, rneal, but by coincidence I have almost exactly the same equipment set up in our home network that you have in yours....the NetGear N600 router and that same particular model of range extender.  They serve three laptops, a desktop, one iPad, an iPhone, a Motorola Atrix HD phone and our wireless HP printer/scanner here in our house.  Our net in the house is set on the 5 gHz band for everything except the printer which works only on the 2.4 gHz band.   When I set this system up I just followed the simple instructions that came with the NetGear equipment.  I made no changes in any settings in the router or the 3801 RG except for shutting off the wi-fi function in the RG.    Just a few minutes ago I ran a test using to a server here in the Kansas City area and the download speed on my laptop....via the Wi-Fi....was 20.88 mbps.  We subscribe to U-verse 18 mbps service.  The upload speed was 1.49 mbps.  It is supposed to be 1.5.    So we are consistently getting the speed we are paying a little more faster.


One note of caution....although you probably already know this.....the speeds can vary wildly between different servers on the system.   A week or so ago....I ran a test on this same server and got about the same good report.  Then I switched to another server in the same city and my download speed dropped to around 6 mbps.  I have found this to be very my experience.  So I always use the same server for my tests.....for consistency.

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Re: Slow wireless speed, N600 behind 3801 rg

Have you tried your own solution?
As this is not a Uverse issue (hardwired PC get speed) but a wireless on non Uverse equipment shortening the distance, changing channels (use inSSIDer to check for possible wireless interference) or hardwired connection are the only three options.

How does wireless work in main house (not guest house)?
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