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Slow upload speed? 18MB MAX PLUS tier

Slow upload speed? 18MB MAX PLUS tier

Hi! I am on the MAX PLUS tier. I know my download is 18 but I'm not sure what my upload is... how do I find out for this tier?

I noticed while gaming, everything seems fine, but I tend to spike from 78ms to 150ms. Is this normal? In the same town when I was on Suddenlink my ping was 16ms.

Here are some tests I ran. Hopefully it provides some info for someone to assist me: »

My modem they installed today: Motorola NVG510
They also hooked up some big grey BELKIN battery backup box?

Your Speed Result:
Download Speed: 15171 kbps (1896.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 943 kbps (117.9 KB/sec transfer rate)


I should be getting around 1.5 upload no?



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Re: Slow upload speed? 18MB MAX PLUS tier

The VDSL flavor of uverse for internet and phone only Max Plus tier is up to 18/1.5
Using either the 3600, 5031(new), 3801(longer loop length) or i38hg (bonded, even longer loop length)

However if you the 510 you are on ADSL2+, I believe Max Plus is up to 18/1 therefore .94 is very acceptable.

This is from memory perhaps someone can verify or have a chart of various upload speeds.
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