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Slow internet even after RG swap. Help


Slow internet even after RG swap. Help

So I have had uverse for a few years with very few issues. I recently started having a slowness issue with wireless. My picture is fine on the uverse dvr but the wireless is really slow and many pages now take minutes to load.


They sent me out a new RG which I just received and installed. The same slowness issue is still happening. Tech support last night said my line is clean. I am sending back the old RG tomorrow per their instructions and I guess call tech support again. Tech support is really frustrating because the normal steps they have you do will not fix my issue. Any help getting this resolved will be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Slow internet even after RG swap. Help

My suggestion would be to go into your RGs control panel via
Get the Device Access Code/System Password from the side of the RG, it is NOT the same as the wireless network key. Then goto your wireless network configuration page. Find the wireless channel and make sure it's NOT on AUTO. If it is, lock it into a channel besides 1, 6, or 11. I usually use 9. I'd be willing to bet money it will at least make it better. It won't always fix it, but that auto channel feature is garbage and they should remove it from the gateways.  I've helped countless customers with this issue as a Uverse Phone Tech. I've found that most people with iPads or other Apple devices will notice the issue the fastest. I don't know why but it seems to effect them worse. There is probably an 80% chance this will fix your wifi issues!

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Re: Slow internet even after RG swap. Help

Thanks for the reply. I actually changed the channel to 11 on my old RG before they sent out a new one and it really didn't help. If it did help it was very minor performance wise. I did call last night and talked to a really helpful person. She stated my line looked clean for the most part but she did notice a few concerns (not sure what). She also couldn't get into my modem even after a reboot so she is thinking it is an issue with my line or something at the VRAD at the end of the street. A tech is coming out this afternoon so fingers crossed they can find the issue.


Another thing I noticed this morning was that even my PS3 (which is hard wired into the RG) is also having trouble connecting. I get error connections but my actual Uverse TV service has been working fine with just an occasional freeze up occasionally which is something I have dealt with since I got it. I'm thinking line related at this point especially with both wireless and hard wired issues.

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