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Slow Upload Speed, Max Plus Plan


Slow Upload Speed, Max Plus Plan



A few weeks ago I had some connection dropping issues which have now been resolved, however, I have waited about 2 weeks from the repair until I did anything about this issue, and now is the time.


It seems that I am not getting the full 1.5 Mbps Upload speed the Max Plus plan is supposed to deliver, as I used to get the full speed before the repair. 


I have done a few inspections and installed UV Realtime, and noticed that my BitLoading graph as well as the Calc Raw Line Rate for Upstream is very unusual. If someone experienced could take a look at the graph and raw stats that would be great if you could give me some advice on what to do.






To anyone who can help, thanks very much Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Slow Upload Speed, Max Plus Plan

Internet only or internet voip service I take it (no tv servie)?

Your listed as being on an inid, the older bonded pair install from 2010 to summer 2013.
Currently only one line is up (line1) with a max upload speed of .6M, nowhere near your 1.5 upload is even available.
It is because line 1 is max (no 20% overhead) that uvrealime recommends lowering profile to 19M,, best internet speed would drop to 12/1.5....still would not receive upoad.

Did previous tech leave his number, if so call to see...or call tier tier support for a port bounce (reset vrad) that might turn port2 back on and allowing for pairs to bond (can take up to 15 minutes). If this does not resolve your issue, then will need to schedule another tech dispatch to determine why line 2 is not connecting.

Hope this thoughts
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