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Should both DSL lines be active?


Should both DSL lines be active?

Short version of question:  On my 2Wire i3812V NID, should both DSL lines be active?  My DSL Line 1 isn't, while Line 2 is.


Long version:


I've been a happy Uverse customer for over 2 years.  Today I had my first outage, and being a techie diagnosed it best I could before calling customer service.  Neither cable nor internet was functioning.  After rebooting everything, the DVR said it couldn't connect.  On the inside network box (i38HG), all the lights were normal except the "service" light was out.  On the outside box (i3812V), all the lights were normal except for the "VDSL1" light which was alternating green and red.  Customer service said they couldn't connect to my equipment remotely, thus thought it was a physical line error and scheduled a tech to come out on Tuesday.


However, after a couple hours, I noticed internet and tv started working again.   The "service" light is now on, but the "VDSL1" light is still flashing green and red.  Poking around the Settings tab of the page, I see that unde the Broadband - Status page my DSL Connection type is "Dual",  and under the Link Configuration page "DSL Line Selection" is set to "Dual". However DSL Line 1 is showing all 0's for the stats, while DSL Line 2 is showing various numbers that seem appropriate.  Under the DSL Link errors it's showing a whole bunch of Training Errors and Training Timeouts.


Is this normal?  The tech is still scheduled to come out on Tuesday, but if this is to be expected I'll cancel the appointment since everything else seems to be fine for now. 

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Re: Should both DSL lines be active?

No this is not normal, couple possible issues with intermittent flashing, tier support could try a port bounce or run a SELT test checking conditions of outside lines, which restores (bounces) the ports.
2nd is possible flaky inid, you could switch RJ14 jacks (one black one silver) see if problems follows or stays on line 1, if stays on line likely issue is with inid hardwire, will need replacing.
3rd ports are good, inid is good...issue wih drop or outside plant (wiring) possible squirrel chewed on line needs splice or find another pair. The drop is premise tech responsibility on Tuesday, outside issue tech needs to create helper.
4th, bad port at vrad line1, needs swapped.

Flashing green then red intermittent says a signal is there but cannot connect, either line quality or low sync.
Constant red is mostly a bad wire.

Hope this helps your understanding, best and post again after visit, thanks.

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Re: Should both DSL lines be active?

Following up as requested (and I apologize in advance if I don't get the lingo right).  The premise tech showed up and quickly determined that it was an outside wiring issue.  He went to the 'pop up' box in the corner of the yard where the house lines splice into the main bundle of wires feeding the entire neighbourhood and found it showing a wire fault 11 feet from the box.  Called the 'wire tech' who tried to diagnose some stuff remotely then finally showed up over an hour later onsite.  The wire tech was rather perplexed as it appeared that the wire pair that should be feeding me behind the main plate of the pop up box was connected to itself and not my house line.  Went back to the 'main cross connect' box at the entrance to my neighbourhood and had difficulty finding the other end (eventually found it "2 feet away" from where it should be and not connected properly).  He said it looked like another tech 'stole the wire pair' and that for all he knows I've NEVER had a functioning DSL line 1 in the 2+ years I've had uverse service.  Said I was lucky this was the first outage I'd run into probably didn't notice a problem because I don't watch many HD channels simultaneously (something about only having 25 Meg service).  He ended up using a completely different unused pair of wires from the main cross connect and connected those at the pop-up box in the yard.  Rebooted the iNid, did a 'port bounce' and everything came up happy as could be.

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Re: Should both DSL lines be active?

And the winner is ... number I mean YOU.
Thanks for following up, hopefully all is well and will remain so.

If desired, you may wish to download Somejoe7777 software uvrealtime.
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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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