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Severely slow wireless download speed


Severely slow wireless download speed

So, being a masochist, I decided to stick with Uverse even after all the tv problems I was having.  I finally caved and had a tech move the gateway and everything else downstairs to where the main TV is, and had that TV hardwired.  I finally had a great picture, and while the tech was here, had fantastic wireless internet download speed (21 mbps; I have the 18 mpbs plan).  I had been experiencing severely low wireless download speeds for the week prior and up to the time the tech came on Monday - 3 mpbs and below.  I thought this solved all my problems but it did not.


By 3:30 pm on Monday, the wireless speed was back down to 4 mbps and bounced around those low numbers the rest of the evening  and on Tuesday. Occasionally it would rebound to 10, 12, even 20, but not for any extended period of time, and the very low speeds were much more common (5 mbps or below).  I called tech support, explained the problem and a tech was dispatched on Wednesday.


He switched me to a NVG589 modem, checked my wired speed and said it was fine, and said "something must be blocking your signal."  The gateway and the modem are literally three feet away from where I'm using my laptop.  He also left my phone line disconnected when he switched gateways, which was a fun a surprise when I tried to make a phone call later that evening, and never bothered to check the TV connection after switching from the 2Wire. But that's for another post.


Anyway, wireless download speed continued to drop Wednesday after he left, getting as low as 1 mbps while I am sitting right next to the modem.  I turned off everything else that might be using wireless, I am the only person in my single family house, my neighbors are at least 50 yds away from me,  I don't have any ham radios or the like, no microwave or baby monitors, all the usual things AT&T will quiz you about.  A tech was supposed to come out yesterday but did not (and that's for another post as well).  I talked to a supervisor at second tier support and we went through all the info on the gateway.  There is a lot of wireless congestion around me - numbers like 9 and 10 for nearly every channel - and I can see at times up to 15 other wireless networks around me, with about 5-6 being Uverse customers.  Sometimes the Uverse customers make up more than half of the wireless networks around me.


I have changed channels without any positive results (I've set it at Automatic for now and left it there).  I've played around with the power level, at the suggestion of the supervisor, with no change in results.  I've checked and doublechecked my laptop and everything is functioning as it should.  I really don't know what else to do at this point.  Before anyone lectures me about wireless speeds, I understand very clearly that the speed I'm "supposed to" get (18 mbps) is not a guarantee and it is "up to" that speed.  But we're not talking about me complaining about getting 12 mbps or even 10 mbps.  If I get 8 and it's sustained beyond 5 minutes, it's a miracle.  I'm consistently getting 5 mbps and as low as 1 mbps, and that it just not acceptable. And it's not just at peak traffic times - right now, at 8:34 a.m., a speedtest shows 5.87 mbps.  That is nowhere near acceptable to me.


I do not live in a neighborhood where the houses are jammed on top of each other; 1/2 to 1 acre lots with a good deal of space between the homes.  As I said, I'm not running a lot of other wireless devices, just my own iPhone and I turn off wireless on that when I'm trying to use the laptop.  Another tech is supposed to come out today to check on this as well as the poor picture quality I'm getting with the NVG289 on the wired set (ironically, the TVs on the wireless boxes are fine now...), but I don't know what they're going to do.  AT&T went through my neighborhood and really pushed Uverse, many people signed up, and I feel like this is the fallout from that.  I did not experience this kind of poor wireless speed when I had AT&T High Speed internet prior to switching to Uverse.  Is this what I'm stuck with if I stay with Uverse?

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Re: Severely slow wireless download speed

Hi @Bree26,


I am so sorry about the issues you are having with your wireless connection. I had the same problem living in an apartment complex where there were a lot of wireless connections around me. Usually, changing your wireless channel helps, but in this case it did not. It sounds like you may have tried this too, but make sure there are no other electronic devices directly next to your U-verse gateway and that it is not in an enclosed area.


I can only think of the increase in the amount of people that now have high speed internet with wireless routers is causing a lot more congestion than previously.


Let us know how it goes after the next technician visit, and if you are still having problems, we will be glad to help.


-David T

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Re: Severely slow wireless download speed

The wireless internet speed is back up to what it should be; no one really ever figured out what was causing it or gave me an explanation or reason as to why.  The supervisor I spoke with on the phone is the only person I talked to who said anything about wireless traffic around me.  None of the techs who were at the house did.  So, for now, it's fine and I'll just keep testing and monitoring it.  Thank you for your reply.

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