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Setting up Public IP block with NVG589


Setting up Public IP block with NVG589

Does anyone have clear instructions on how to do this? I've just been piecing information from half-answered threads and I still cannot get this to work. I realize that with the NVG589 you need to set-up a Public Subnet using the block assigned to you but things that are unclear are what the Public IPv4 address should be (I've heard it should be the first IP in your block or the last) and what the Public Subnet Mask should be (I've hear both or


So far I've tried setting up the NVG589 with Public IPv4 address as the first and the last IP in my block (neither works properlly). I have also tried using and as my subnet but no luck.


Has anyone actually gotten their NVG589 to work properly with a public IP block? It worked perfectly with my NVG510 but so much has changed with the NVG589.



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Re: Setting up Public IP block with NVG589

If I set it up using the first IP in the block as the Public IPv4 Address and as the Public Subnet Mask, I can see my device using the assigned Public IP from outside the network but within the network I cannot.

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