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All I Want Is My U-Verse To Get Installed. I Get No Satisfaction From AT&T At All 4 Tech's Been To My Home Since Jan 27,14

And I Still Have No Service , Infarct Today They Cut Off My DSL AND PHONE LINE AND LEFT,

# 1 Guy Said There Was Something Wrong 1200 feet From My Home,


#2 Guy Told Me That #1 Guy Did Not Know What He Was Talking About, That There Was Nothing Wrong With My Line, And He Told Me Some One Would Call Me Then  Left ?, It Was Real Nice Of Him To Tell Me That About Another AT&T Employee, I Never Got A Phone Call From Any One, Its Like I Was A Nobody, Plus He Parked On The Edge Of My Grass 


#3 Tech Did Same Thing That #1 Tech Did Only To Fine Out He Could Not Get My DSL OR PHONE LINE WORKING AGAIN, I Was Some HOT Then , I Told Him It Was Working When He Got To My Home At About 12 Noon And Left At 4 PM, So He Left


I Been With BellSouth For 44 Years, Was Very Good Service , Now That Its AT&T The Service Went Down The Crapper .


You Don't Have Qualified Tech's  #1 Tech Told Me That AT&T Never Put Him Tru A Schooling .??? WhatIs AT&T Running A FLY BY NIGHT OUTFIT?


All I Know Now After 5 Days And 15 Hours I Still Have No Service And No DSL And No Phone Line 


Now I Want A Supervisor To Be On The Job When The Tech Is Doing To Install  My Phone Number Is 


Thank You

Joseph J V

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You can send a private message to the escalation team at ATTU-verseCare and someone will get in touch with you shortly to help you get a resolution to your problems.




To check for their reply, click the little blue envelope.  List Private Messages








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