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Series Recordings not scheduled beyond June 18th


Series Recordings not scheduled beyond June 18th

I am seeing something that concerns me, and I am wondering if anyone else has seen this.


When I look at the "recorded TV" listings, if I go to the "Scheduled" section, I have noticed for the past few days that none of my Series are showing as having anything scheduled after 6:00 PM on June 18th. Since I have some shows set to record every day, this does not make sense.

Anything that I have manually scheduled is showing as scheduled, but none of the Series recordings.


Is anyone aware of something going on?

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Re: Series Recordings not scheduled beyond June 18th

docbombay wrote:

Thanks, ATT Customer Care.  I spoke earlier today with their representative who confirmed that the deletion and reprogramming of the offending series is often the answer to this problem.  At least, it worked in my case so far.  This was my first time contacting them, and I got a very prompt and effective response.  I would highly recommend them to any subs who have tried this forum, and CS/TS, but to no avail.



Unluckily Doc, that's not a solution, it should have never happened in the first place.  This happened a couple years ago and ATT did something and it stopped then. 


It's definitely a problem of the servers that control our Scheduled Recordings or the DVR. Smiley Wink



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Re: Series Recordings not scheduled beyond June 18th

Being technologically primitive, I always defer to the forum's experts, and I agree that having to fiddle with series recordings is not really a fix.  All I know is that once I reprogrammed the recordings, the scheduling problem has gone away.   For that matter, there may be no cause and effect--the problem may have been fixed behind the scenes.  All I'm doing is reporting what Customer Care told me and what the results have been.  Smiley Happy



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